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Business Vehicle Tyre Safety (BVTS)

Business Vehicle Tyre Safety (BVTS) Scheme


Following changes to UK Health & Safety Law, the Employer is now more firmly in the spotlight than ever before in the event of a Road Traffic Incident.


It seems now that an EMPLOYER not the DRIVER is responsible, even for checking a fleet vehicle's Tyre Pressures and will be liable for it in Law should an accident occur, where under inflated tyres are found to be responsible.  See the links below for a FREE Employers FLOWCHART about the scheme.


Click for FREE Employers FLOWCHART here  http://www.elfinsafety.co.uk/


We work in association with Transition Law Business Consultancy to offer “The Business Vehicle Tyre Scheme: BVTS™ to protect the legal interests of our clients who have employees who drive at work. The scheme helps with the Tyre Law needs of individual Business Owners and Private owners too.


If you would like to know more about how this UNIQUE LEGAL PRODUCT can help protect your business, please contact us and we will link you up with our BVTS specialist partner for a FREE Health & Safety 'vehicle tyres' assessment.


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on +44 1224 742495+44 1224 742495 or use our contact form.

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